The paintings of the Seewall:

in progressThese original paintings by Olga Stamatiou (oil on canvas/linen ) are used on all the Seewall installations.

Below are a few examples of images used.

These painting  are the inspiration for creation of the Seewall Child nonprofit. The Installations are built around the ever growing imagery of the original painting currently 33 ft. long, and many other aqua paintings created for Seewall Child by  Olga.

SEEWALL Child plays a pivotal role in the lives of children. For eight years Seewall has helped children in crisis situations: children awaiting painful procedures, victims of domestic violence, homeless children, and most particularly children of poverty, the undeserved.

I intuitively knew the healing power of color and had seen research that validated the use of art as a tool in children’s crisis management. I also knew the power of aquariums to transport children to fantasy worlds of peace and calm, if only for a few moments. These ideas merged one day when, inspired by a video I had shot in the Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium in Monte Carlo, deciding to replace some 16 x 20 in canvas paintings with video screens  and a classical musical soundtrack. This provided an interactive, educational possibility.

“Olga is an artist and a person who is able to integrate her immense talent and her compassion in a manner that “speaks” to others about the content. I have seen this, experienced this and learned to embrace the use of art to “give voice” to issues that are often difficult for individuals to think about and talk about. Her use of art and film to bring forward issues that are often avoided provides a medium that impacts the participant cognitively, emotionally and visually ”

M. Elizabeth Ralston, Ph.D.
Director Emeritus, The Dee Norton Lowcountry Children’s Center



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