Dee Norton installation

This is an installation that was created for the children of the surrounding county’s of Charleston SC, but also to honor Libby Ralston who  retired after 22 years as the Executive Director. The USS LIBBY RALSTON Dee Norton Installation


To keep children safe from abuse and when abuse occurs, to work with our community to bring healing to these children and their families.

Difficult economic times are just as hard on children as they are on adults. When caregivers have less work, lose their jobs, or have struggling businesses due to the economy, stress levels at home increase. When financial stress increases, unfortunately so does child abuse. Primary services include providing immediate support and assistance to child victims and their families such as forensic interviews and medical examinations. DNLCC provides individual therapy, family therapy and group therapy to child victims and their families primarily in Charleston and Berkeley counties.

DNLCC coordinates with more than 30 partner agencies in the community as a multi-disciplinary team to take appropriate action and put a plan in place for the child and family. DNLCC also strives to increase public awareness of the issue of child abuse. Since 1991, DNLCC has helped over 21,000 children and their families.

“The first child into the center on the morning following your installation stood in front of the Seewall, threw up his hands and tilted his head skyward and said, ‘Wow’ and immediately began interacting and exploring your gift,”