Phase three EMSv

Phase Three will be a complete Seewall Child Play-Art- Pets & Comfort Kitchen Command Center all within and around a large tractor trailer with fold out canopies with side walls and  windows  offering a safe and comforting area on location for children and responders  alike.







To include:

• Large mobile playground area setup surrounding the Command Center along with an array of sports related equipment

♦ Complete with several partitioned areas for counseling sessions

* Petting Pet Zones for pet therapy for both the child and pets.

♦ Large interactive areas with work/play stations

♦ Complete kitchen serving healthy comfort foods

♦ Accommodations for up to four personal  on site


♦  A  virtual underwater seascape mural ,magnetic marker boards with colored marker pens, magnetic puzzles and games, matrix screens with underwater fish imagery of art and films from aquariums worldwide, animation with classical music soundtrack, affirmation screens, built in games, touch screens, a puppet theater and two mini theaters for films

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