Phase three EMSv

Phase Three will be a complete Seewall Child Play-Art- Pets & Comfort Kitchen Command Center all within and around a large tractor trailer with fold out canopies with side walls and windows  offering a safe and comforting area on location at events and when needed for children and responders on site .







To include:

• Large mobile playground area setup surrounding the Command/ Event Center on site at community events or a disaster hit area.

* Complete with several partitioned areas as classrooms for educational learning  about kindness towards pets.

* Kids & Pets Safety  Zones for pet therapy for both the child and pets.

*Large interactive areas with work/play stations.

*Complete kitchen operation serving healthy comfort foods.

*Accommodations for up to four personal on site.

*Climate controlled staging area for lost or rescued animals.

*Classroom conference areas to offer classes for educators.


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