Seewall Child  has developed an  Emergency  Mobile Service vehicle operation.

The combination truck/trailer acts as a mobile kitchen providing nutritional comfort food and offers mobile playgrounds,  a reading center, Create And Take programs with all the supplies. The trailer will also carry field sport equipment for our Field Day programs all which  becomes a positive distraction for children. Soon we will be adding our Pet Petting  Zone  which will include pet therapy.  We will  bring the child and their rescued  pet to our protected  area  while at the emergency shelter to play and bond once again in a safe petting zone. This will include our feathered friends as a fun positive distraction. Our vehicles add a colorful and entertaining element with all our programs with  music and films.

Phase Two of the EMSv will carry  rolling temporary shelter Seewall units that are  both  art based, colorful  and interactive. These units  are based on virtual underwater seascapes imagery. We will include a Petting Pet Zone for children as pet therapy , an area where the child and their pet  can bond and comfort each other during difficult times.

• a large and expandable playground both for indoor and outdoor setups

♦ large aqua murals

♦ magnetic marker board walls  with colorfull marker pens

♦ magnetic puzzles and games

♦ matrix screens with underwater fish imagery of art and films from aquariums worldwide

♦ animation with classical music soundtrack

♦ affirmation screens

♦ built in games with multi- tablet consoles

♦ touch screens with a reading center

♦ a puppet theater

♦ and two mini theaters for films.

These emergency shelter Seecollage3.jpg-100-dpiwall units would be durable, quick and easy to set up in temporary shelters, and would help to maintain a calming effect that Seewall installations are known for. Preventing and treating the distress experienced by children as soon as possible is crucial for optimal long-term health and recovery.


“You have certainly met your mission statement to educate,enthrall engage and heal through your most generous donation”.


Funding is underway  for a larger mobile  command vehicle which will pull a larger trailer in order to carrying more  provisions, playgrounds,  pet centers, sports equipment and art supplies.

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