Board of Directors:

Seewall Child Board of Directors

Olga Stamatiou, BA, MFA in Painting, Associate Degree in Art Therapy (Boston University)
President, Seewall Child
Artist, Full time on the road

Ann Courmouzis, BA, MA Secondary Education
Vice President, Seewall Child
Retired, Beaufort SC and Athens, Greece

Melba Cooper, BA, Art Education, MAT, Secondary Curriculum
Consultant, Art Immersion Project, Beaufort County Schools, Beaufort SC.

Elizabeth J. Tenore, PhD, Cognitive Psychology

Patricia A. Keown, RN, BA, MA Social Work
Assistant Director, Adult Mental Health Unit, Beaufort Memorial Hospital, Beaufort, SC.

Sandra Boyd, BA, MA, Early Childhood Education
Consultant/Specialist, ECC Associates, St. Helena Island, SC.

Patricia G. Hitopoulos, BA Art History
Chef and Owner, Everyday Gourmet, Charleston SC

The innovative audiovisual presentation provided by the Seewall allows for a passive approach to alleviate procedural pain in children.
“Sheri G. Stewart, MSN, RN-BC”

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