The power of Art, Play, Pets and healthy food  can transform the human spirit and if used as a creative tool in stressful environments will become a positive distraction.

For eight years, we build award-winning art based interactive installations for children’s crisis centers and children’s hospitals.

For the past four years Seewall Child has been  on the road 24/7/365 with our EMSv Essential Mobile Service vehicle and serving children in low-income rural areas. We are an art and mobile playground command center offering relief to children  along with healthy meals. We are always ready to respond to children in rural low-income areas in the US and respond to help pets rescue centers  and kids in disaster hit areas. 

Seewall Child provides mobile art programs, an Imagination Playground, sports equipment, music, gardening techniques and healthy meals.

“Many kids who live in places like trailer parks and subsidized housing units lack
basic necessities for safe and active play on a daily basis. They’re often unable to
find play opportunities within walking distance or can’t leave in the first place. The
Seewall Child Foundation, which doesn’t have a brick
-and-mortar headquarters, brings a mobile service vehicle to kids in crisis who live in play deserts and low-income neighborhoods . Olga and her partner stay on the road 24/7/365 bringing play to kids who need it most. Where kids don’t even have personal
belongings, Imagination Playground™ provides immediate relief from tension
and anxiety. And where barriers to regularly attending school abound, it helps
kids build cognition, learn mechanical skills and develop receptive and expressive
language. Because the creative play system is child-directed and open-ended, it
encourages resilience through deep, joyful play.”

Seewall Child is there to SPEED THE CARE!

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  1. Wendy

    Olga & Rocco, it was a pleasure to chat with you during our brief stay in Iowa. We pray you have continued success! Much Love, Wendy, William and Lola Dog


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